Dr. Ed Brenegar works with organizational leaders to expand their leadership impact and the productivity of their organization through the creation of cultures of trust and leadership initiative.

Speaking Topics

circle-of-impactThe Circle of Impact: The leadership of organizations is becoming more personal and social. The Circle of Impact is a model that provides a platform for expanding leadership impact through a focus on the initiative that each person can take to make a difference, and to see the company as whole, through shared values and purpose. The Circle of Impact is a practical guide to transforming an organization stuck in outdated models of operation and leadership into a vital, adaptive company of leaders. Ed brings a practical and inspiring message of hope for the future of organizations.

Values: The Driver of Purpose and Trust in Organizations: In many organizations, fear is the driver of the culture. Ed demonstrates how a culture of values drives out fear, clarifies organizational purpose, and, focus the whole of the organizational community on what is needed to make a difference that matters. The key to letting culture of values become the driver of purpose and trust is to make sure that values don’t remain just ideas, but become the practical guides for building a company of impact.

The ROI Triangle: Traditionally, a company’s Return on Investment is a measure that is limited to a company’s financial health. The Circle of Impact, a leadership model developed by, provides an addition way to measure the health of a company. By measuring a company’s Return on Initiative and Return on Impact, we can see beyond the numbers to the change that occurs in the creation and delivery of products and services.  Ed shares this fresh, compelling view of measuring leadership by evaluating a company’s impact in order to bring hope and direction for the future of organizations.  

Why Book Ed?

Ed is a change management specialist

and thought leader who uses his expertise to improve the functioning of your organization resulting in increased profitability and employee productivity.

Ed is the creator of the Circle of Impact Leadership Model

and its Chief Initiator in inspiring leaders and their organization to implement this proven method in transforming the outcomes of both organizations and individuals.

Ed is a solution-oriented organizational collaborator

who creates a culture of values that builds trust and personal initiative.

With a theological degree in leadership and ethics

Ed brings an enlightening perspective to your organization as he focuses on collaborating with your team and facilitating unprecedented results.


I have worked with Ed for almost 3 years. His process and results could not have been better and Ed gained the confidence, appreciation and trust of the team and executives. Because of his great work on this engagement we brought him back to be a coach for our executive team to help us build stronger and more effective relationships across the team.

Dan McCabe
Chief Administrative Officer at CareSource Management Group


Ed has served to inspire and lead in ways that transform outcomes to the benefit of the organization. Not only was his coaching inspirational, it was motivational, causing those participating to reach for the stars. Aligning with Ed will be a truly enriching experience that results in fulfillment of purpose.

Kent Adcock
CEO Habitat for Humanity Lake-Sumter, Florida


I consider Ed a thought leader, and everyone who has heard him speak or read his writing also knows this. I've participated in several panels with Ed, and he has remarkable ideas that are informed by a greater context of history and our current situation. He is a man who stands out. Ed has a mission in life to help others and a curiosity for the cutting edge.

Ty Hallock
Chief Technology Officer, Trusted Sharing


Ed is an authentic leader who presents compelling and effective examinations of leadership, with results you can implement immediately.

Shannon Knapp
Executive Director, Horse Sense of the Carolinas, Inc.


Circle of Impact Executive Leadership Training and Retreats:

This program utilizes the Circle of Impact Leadership Model to provide executives a fresh perspective on the functioning of their organization. The program can be easily custom designed to help an organizational leadership team address the range of challenges that they are facing.

Circle of Impact Leadership Training for Managers and Supervisors:

One of the great challenges for supervisors and managers is in working with their direct reports and work teams to expand the capabilities in problem solving, process innovation and collaboration. The Circle of Impact Leadership Model training focuses on creating a culture of values where personal initiative for impact can be developed in people at all levels of a company. This training can be custom designed to work within and help develop current systems of supervision and evaluation.

Do bring Ed into your organization to begin the Circle of Impact Training and implementing a fresh perspective and dynamic for your organization.

Who is Dr. Ed Brenegar?


Creator of the Circle of Impact Leadership Model, leadership speaker, master storyteller, change-agent and thought leader, Dr. Ed Brenegar has dedicated the last three decades to being a leader for leaders.

A dynamic thinker and motivator, Ed inspires people to take personal initiative to create leadership impact. He shows how to strategically expand the leadership impact of organizations through his Circle of Impact Leadership Model.

With a wide experience in leading and consulting with organizations, Ed understands how we are in many ways in transition, requiring new tools for decision-making, problem solving, planning, collaboration and evaluation to meet the challenges of sustainable profitability and productivity.

With a doctoral degree in Leadership and Ethics, Ed has thought deeply and practically about the nature of leadership in organizations today. His fresh perspective, formalized in the Circle of Impact provides executive leaders a means to see the whole of their organization in a time of change.

The ROI Triangle


ROI is a concept for measuring value. Traditionally it has been a cost-benefit measurement. If I invest funds in this event, this product, this person will it return a value equivalent or greater to its cost. The challenge of measuring a “return on investment” is that it breeds a kind of skepticism that without additional forms of measures ends up as a means of resisting all those endeavors that have promise, but no certainty. Used alone, it is the ideal measure for the risk averse individual.

The Circle of Impact Leadership Model provides two additional ROIs that can help broaden the measuring stick of a company.

The first ROI is the measurement of a “Return on Initiative.”

This measurement requires a culture of initiative where individuals are encouraged to solve problems, innovate improvements in operational processes and to increase collaborative endeavors. The measure is determined by asking “When a person takes initiative what changes? What do we learn that helps us improve?”

This ROI connects to the one on investment as it can demonstrate the value of investing in the development of the leadership potential of people.

The second ROI is the measurement of a “Return on Impact.”

Impact is a measure of change. An investment in a new product line or the expansion of the company through an acquisition carries with it an expectation of change. When a ROI of Impact measurement is designed, we look beyond financial figures to see what changes. The Circle of Impact’s three dimensions of leadership (Ideas, Relationships and Structure) provide a baseline of expectation. We then ask, what is the impact or change upon our perception of value or purpose that results from this program or product launch. How has this event or service change impact our relationships with customers? In what ways did we have to change our operational structure to take advantage of the opportunities that came with this investment. If you decide that all your business activity is to produce change, you should then be able to determine a more comprehensive value of that which you are measuring.

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